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Buccleuch represents the business interests of the Buccleuch family, who can trace their ancestry back to 12th Century Scotland. Today the organisation is a diverse enterprise focused on all aspects of appropriate land use.

Land use has become an increasingly complex issue, with a growing number of demands and expectations expressed locally, nationally and globally. Achieving the right balance between economic, community and environmental objectives is crucial if solutions are to be sustainable. This is the challenge which Buccleuch faces in its stewardship of almost 217,000 acres of rural Britain.

About Buccleuch
Drumlanrig woodlands


With over 10000ha of woodlands covering the Buccleuch Estates, our woodlands team are passionate about keeping them in the best condition.  One of the key tasks for Jim Colchester, our Woodlands Enterprise Leader is to ensure the Estates remains free from Larch disease implementing preventative methods to guarantee the sustainability of all trees across the landscape.