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Our four unique destinations welcome thousands of visitors annually. From the historic houses at Boughton, Bowhill and Drumlanrig, to the distinctive setting of Dalkeith Country Park, we are proud to share the history of these estates – both as heritage destinations and living spaces for people to enjoy.


Situated within rural Northamptonshire, Boughton Estate is home to Boughton House, which has survived virtually unchanged since the 17th century. Often called ‘the English Versailles’, Boughton House sits within an oasis of curated parklands and gardens, and contains a wide collection of works from esteemed artists such as El Greco and Van Dyck, furniture and objets d’art, making it ever popular with visitors.

While the House and grounds have hosted major events such as Greenbelt Festival and been used as a film location (most notably for the Hollywood adaptation of Les Misérables), the wider estate supports Buccleuch’s diverse enterprises including agriculture, forestry and renewable energy.

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At the heart of the Queensberry Estate, nestled in the valley of the River Nith, Dumfriesshire, sits Drumlanrig Castle. Constructed of distinctive pink sandstone between 1679 and 1689, the Castle is home to a remarkable selection of the Buccleuch Collection of artworks and, together with its surrounds, attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually.

Surrounding the Castle there are 40 acres of gardens to explore and outdoor activities such as mountain biking and walking trails for visitors to enjoy. Drumlanrig Castle’s extensive woodlands and river and loch environments are home to a huge variety of wildlife from the native red squirrel to otters, and abundant birdlife. The wider estate supports Buccleuch’s diverse enterprises including agriculture, forestry, renewable energy, hospitality and tourism, and sporting.

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The historic country home of the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch, Bowhill House and its surroundings are a hidden treasure in the Scottish Borders. Originally built in 1708, and completed in its current form in 1876, the House hosts an historic art collection, including 1,000 miniatures and objets d’art.

The surrounding Estate features many miles of way-marked walking trails and families can enjoy the adventure playground. The expansive estate enables the team to work across the spectrum of Buccleuch’s enterprises; forestry, agriculture, residential and commercial property, renewable energy sites and hospitality and tourism.

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Just outside Edinburgh, Dalkeith Country Park offers a range of activities for all the family. It has been transformed into a thriving visitor destination welcoming thousands of visitors each year.

Following the creation of the Restoration Yard in 2016, a unique store, restaurant and wellbeing studio at the heart of the Park. Further developments have included significant investment in Fort Douglas adventure playground and the launch of a partnership with Go Ape in 2021. Future initiatives include a new accommodation offering, building on the success of 2021’s camping initiative, improved infrastructure and the promotion of the impressive Dalkeith Palace as a significant cultural destination.

The Park is also home to farming operations and cultivated woodlands, which contain a number of walks for visitors to enjoy.

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