Land Registration

We believe that with ownership of land comes a responsibility to manage natural resources for the benefit of society as a whole, therefore when the Scottish Government announced in 2014 that they had an objective to complete the Land Register within ten years we were enthusiastic supporters of this.

At Buccleuch we achieved the first voluntary registration of land by a large estate since the objective was announced and we are working hard to get the remainder of our land onto the Land Register.

We also realise that knowledge of who owns land is of importance and interest to both businesses and the wider public. Therefore as part of our commitment to wider transparency of ownership we have created an interactive map which you can find below showing where all of our registered land is. By this we mean land which is already registered on the Land Register or where we have submitted an application for registration. As we submit further parcels of land to Registers of Scotland for registration we will update the map.

If you have an enquiry to do with land ownership, our land registration process or have land adjoining Buccleuch land and would like to work collaboratively on land registration then please contact us on