About Us

At Buccleuch, we are dedicated to supporting the communities we live and work within, respecting the environment, and contributing to rural culture through our heritage for generations to come. Our teams carefully manage complex economic, community and environmental considerations across a range of sectors, for the benefit of people and places.


With a proud past and an exciting future, Buccleuch is focussed on sustainable land use across the property, agriculture, forestry, sporting, and visitor services sectors.

From caring for Britain’s forests and farmlands and developing renewable energy solutions and building the commercial property portfolio, to welcoming visitors to historic houses and estates, Buccleuch is a diverse and modern business informed by our heritage and led by our four guiding priorities. We endeavour to make a meaningful and sustainable contribution whatever the opportunity.


With responsibility for some of the UK’s best-loved forestry and woodlands, we see both the wood and the trees.


One of the UK’s leading agricultural businesses, Buccleuch balances innovation with sustainability.

Visitor Services & Hospitality

As custodians of four nationally significant estates, it is our responsibility to welcome, surprise and delight our visitors.


Inspired by our proud past, we are excited by the prospect of sharing these historic houses and estates with future generations.

Renewable Energy

From wind, biomass and hydroelectric to solar power and anaerobic digestion, the solution must be sustainable.

Commercial Property

Our commercial property arm operates within both the investment and development markets.


From the rugged borders of Scotland to rural Northamptonshire, our people care for some of the UK’s best-loved landscapes.

These estates are not only businesses in their own rights, but also hubs for rural communities, providing employment, education, and the opportunity for sustainable development. Key to this is our heartfelt respect for the local people and environment, and a deep understanding of rural culture.

Boughton Estate

A working country landscape that is home to farmland, large areas of forest and a historic house.

Queensberry Estate

Situated at the heart of the Queensberry Estate in the valley of the River Nith, Dumfries and Galloway, Drumlanrig Castle and its surrounds attract tens of thousands of visitors annually.

Borders Estate

This dramatic estate lies within the Lothians, Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway.

Dalkeith Country Park

Just outside Edinburgh, Dalkeith Country Park offers a range of activities for all the family.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Land resource is very different to other assets, as it is used by many people beyond its owner. The choices made at Buccleuch have far reaching implications on a local, community, national and global level.


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