Respectful of our agricultural heritage, we are dedicated to introducing sustainable farming solutions across our estates.

Today, our farming operations include everything from sheep husbandry to managing red deer herds and, wherever possible, we employ innovative and sustainable practices. While much of the farmland on the estates is farmed by tenants, our own agriculture teams are responsible for extensive areas of our agricultural land.

As one of thirty-two producers in the UK taking part in the pioneering agri-epicentre project, we are constantly investing in new technologies that improve animal welfare and increase sustainable food production.

From 2022, our team at Boughton will introduce an eight-year arable cycle, which is much less intensive than traditional three-year continual cropping cycles and will help ensure soil fertility is enhanced and carbon emissions are reduced. The three-year clover ley within the cycle will allow livestock grazing and naturally reduce the need for fertilisers and pesticides.

While sheep husbandry and beef rearing remain key livestock activities for Buccleuch, more recently we have introduced new, more diverse, income streams, such as red deer and laying hens, supplying to major supermarkets including Waitrose, Marks and Spencer and Tesco. As well as being primary food producers, our agricultural business also grows much of its own foodstuffs for livestock.

Our anaerobic digester (AD) plant on the Borders Estate recycles farm manure to produce 200kW of green electricity and sufficient heat to dry woodchip and grain (which is used for feed). This not only provides green energy for the estate and farm but also generates additional revenue through the sale of surplus energy back to the grid.