Red Kite success story

Following fifteen years supporting the reintroduction and conservation of Red Kites in England, Boughton Estate is a flagship centre for the population. Now, birds from the Estate will join others for a new life in southwestern Spain, where it is hoped they will thrive, rescuing the Spanish population.

Remarkable turnaround

Back in the late 1980s, the UK’s Red Kite population had dwindled. Their reintroduction has been one of the major conservation success stories of the last thirty years. Boughton Estate has played a major part in this.

On their reintroduction to the Estate, the young birds were monitored and tagged. Then, with numbers growing and sufficient nesting pairs across the estate, the programme proceeded with minimal intervention; annual monitoring and counts.

The Red Kite reintroduction programme within the UK has been so successful that it is now stable enough to support conservation in parts of Spain, where Red Kite’s are threatened.

David Cullum, Parks and Gardens Manager, said: ‘It has been a joy to be involved in the project. Seeing the Red Kite population thrive on the estate and now support their conservation elsewhere, is a real boost.’