From the South of Scotland to Northamptonshire, we are tasked with caring for some of Britain’s best-loved forestry and woodland.

These woodland estates are managed on a sustainable basis and have been certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard for over 20 years, which not only ensures all areas felled are replanted, but also that commercial activity is balanced with biodiversity and social needs.

With a highly diverse mix of species and landscapes; from amenity woodland to highly productive commercial forests, our managed forestry plantations are designed to consider the wider landscape and ensure biodiversity. All of the timber on Buccleuch’s estates are important for carbon sequestration and contribute to the wider carbon commitment.

Our forestry management team also looks after significant areas of commercial forest on behalf of other owners, guaranteeing a high standard of forestry management, as well maintaining amenity woodland that increases public access to green space for wellbeing and enjoyment.

Forestry News

Seeing the wood for the trees: sustainable forestry at Boughton

Managing woodlands requires patience, sensitivity, expertise and respect. Here, the Boughton Estate team share more about the areas they look after; their rich ecology and the ways in which these are protected.