From the Lothians to the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, Borders Estate spans a diverse and dramatic landscape across southern Scotland. It is home to Bowhill House, historic seat of the Scotts of Buccleuch.

The expansive estate enables the team to work across the spectrum of Buccleuch’s enterprises; forestry, agriculture, residential and commercial property, renewable energy sites and hospitality and tourism.


As with all Buccleuch woodlands, those on Borders Estate are managed to high environmental standards. The woods are a diverse mix of species and tree age enabling significant production of commercial conifer and broadleaf timber, each designed to consider the wider landscape and ensure enhanced biodiversity. The amenity woodlands surrounding Bowhill House are part of nationally important landscape designed by William Gilpin in the 19th century, and the forestry team at Buccleuch have put their wealth of expertise into restoring this to Gilpin’s original design, ensuring this heritage piece can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.


Borders Estate’s in-hand farms lie between the historic Ettrick and Yarrow valleys. The farms team use progressive farming methods to tend pedigree cattle, hill and inbye sheep flocks, free range chickens and red deer, ensuring the best animal husbandry and health. Livestock are fed using feedstock which is grown on the estate to the highest standard, ensuring year-round nutrition. The estate is also home to generations of families who have lived and worked on the tenanted farms.


The in-hand agricultural enterprise also drives Borders Estate’s 200kW anaerobic digester (AD) plant, converting animal waste to electricity, which is used on the estate’s farms and will power the Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) heating Bowhill House. On the wider estate, Buccleuch are progressing renewable energy opportunities with trusted partners, including windfarms and additional solar panels, which already power the egg production unit.


Alongside enjoying walks around the estate, visitors to Borders Estate are welcomed on a tour of Bowhill House, during the season, and can enjoy time in the gardens or adventure playground. Those wishing to spend longer exploring all that this estate has to offer, can book into one of the wonderful holiday cottages.

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