Boughton’s Building Services team helps rescue a bee colony

We all know how important bees are to our environment and own survival. Our colleagues at the Boughton estate were recently involved in a colony rescue project of great proportions!


Bee rescue mission

Having made their home within the roof of Chase Lodge, over the years, the bee colony grew and began to be problematic for the tenants. Rather than spraying the bees, the team mounted a rescue mission with a local beekeeper, of epic proportions.

The Buccleuch Building Services team erected scaffolding to allow access to the lodge’s roof and, donning beekeeping suits, began to strip back the slates. They removed 3m of roof area to expose the hive. The local beekeeper then joined the team and vacuumed up the bees and removed the honeycombs. It is important to remove as much of the hive as possible to stop other bees building a new nest. With their amazing sense of smell, other bees would know that the roof space had been a great home for others, so a deterrent is sprayed.