The team at Boughton had a bumper month of planting in November.

To celebrate National Tree Week, which marks the start of the winter tree planting season, we thought we would share some of the special tree planting that has been happening across Boughton Estate this month.


Elm tree

This month we were delighted to plant a commemorative tree for the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the 100th Anniversary of the St John Ambulance Cadets. The tree planting ceremony saw Duke Richard welcome the county president of St John Ambulance Northamptonshire and colleagues.

The selected tree is a disease-resistant Elm. It is a special variety that is fast growing but also hardly, drought resistant, and a native wildlife habitat. The Elm is known to attract the White-letter Hairstreak Butterfly, which is an extremely rare variety; something to look out for in future years.

Heritage fruit trees in Warkton

In Mid-November we took part in community tree planting in Warkton to commemorate the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Estate has been working closely with Warkton Parish Council to develop a community orchard on estate land with permissive access for the community. A heritage fruit tree and guards were donated by the Estate with the other nine heritage trees purchased by the parish. We look forward to seeing the trees and on-going relationship bear fruit!

Black poplar

We also welcomed the return of the black poplar to the Estate in November. The planting of four black poplar trees (Weekley Park pictured) marks the return of this rare tree to Boughton. We have been working with individuals who are dedicated to the preservation of the black poplar and this year we have been fortunate enough to secure four trees to plant. We hope to add even more in the future. In addition to preservation, these are great trees for biodiversity and will add great ecological value in future years.

Oak trees in Weekley

Two oak trees have also been planted in Weekley. The first one commemorates the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and has been planted on the lower green at Weekley. The other oak is to replace a tree that was lost on the roadside green following a recent accident.