Museum has home in time for Christmas

Buccleuch and the Trustees for the 384th Bombardment Group Museum are delighted to announce the conclusion of discussions which will see the World War II home of the 384th B-17 bomb group in Grafton Park Wood, transformed into a museum enabling visitors can experience first-hand life as experienced by American airmen stationed there during the war.



Taking ownership of the buildings and land is a key milestone for the charity, allowing work to begin work on the museum telling the airmen story for future generations; creating a slice of the 1940s within Northamptonshire.

Over the last four years, a dedicated team of volunteers have been working clear the site and preserve the former Operations Block and Norden Bomb Site buildings, which will house the main exhibits and form a hub for learning and the community.

Humbling journey

Sam Rees, Estate Manager for Buccleuch’s Boughton Estate said: ‘It has been wonderful to be part of this project. The commitment the local community and the families of the airmen who served at the base in commemorating those who served and have fallen is incredibly humbling and the museum will prove to be a fitting memorial and an asset for the community of North Northamptonshire.’

384th Bombardment Group Museum Chairman, Neill Howarth said “This has been a long-held dream, to establish a Museum to the Americans that were based here during World War II.  We can forge ahead in our goal to open a Visitors Centre as soon as possible. I must take this opportunity now to thank his Grace, the Duke of Buccleuch, Boughton Estates Management and Forestry Team for their support for us to realise this moment. I was determined to tell the story of the initial heavy bombing Raids by the Americans of the 97th Bomb Group, originating from Grafton Underwood, also the Operations Block which would have witnessed all the planning and drama of the  bombing of Berlin, D-Day and then to witness the  final bombs of the  8th Air Force in World War II flying from this airfield and bring it back to life for visitors to experience.”


The 384th Bombardment Group Museum are open for Tours of the buildings and Airfield. These tours happen at various times throughout the year, for those interested please go to the 384th  Bombardment Group Museum Facebook page or alternatively contact the Trustees via