Passion and dedication

We have a passion for what we do. Caring for the countryside and its rich history is an honour for all those at Buccleuch. The magnificent estates are a legacy passed down through generations to The 10th Duke of Buccleuch; as their guardian he now holds them in trust for the future. The historic countryside bears permanent testament to times gone by, its hills and valleys dotted with ancient monuments and castles, all of which need careful management. In carrying out our duties across all our businesses we always embrace the following core values:

Responsible – We have a passionate commitment to art, woodlands and grouse moors. Dependent on the task, we aim to restore, maintain or originate; and we make decisions not for today or tomorrow, but for the generations that follow.

Engaging – We play an active role in the communities of which our estates are part, and we invest in these through innovative outreach and education programmes such as the Queensberry Initiative. Our relationships with the people who live in and around our estates are vital to the prosperity of our business.

Progressive – For over 500 years we have been fully utilising the potential of our land to benefit all who live on or depend on it. From a lineage of Reivers, we have survived and flourished through a combination of determination, indefatigability, and political astuteness.

Steadfast – Our people, staff, communities and customers can count on us because our family owns and cherishes tangible assets – buildings, land and art – that will be here for generations to come. There is a reassurance that comes with the Buccleuch name.

Authentic – Every visit to a Buccleuch property is a very ‘real’ experience. Visitors are immersed in 500 years of history and heritage, yet these family homes are not museum pieces, and visitors can see how the modern and traditional live in everyday harmony.

Respectful – We can be relied upon to deliver on our commitments and respect others’ opinions even when we disagree.

Aesthetic – We remain true to the history and beauty of our land, our estates and our houses. The family’s passion for, and very personal involvement in, the aesthetics of the estates is evident through initiatives such as The Orpheus project and recent restorations of Dalkeith Bowl and Boughton House.