Boughton Estate

Situated within rural Northamptonshire, Boughton Estate is home to Boughton House, which sits within an oasis of curated parkland and gardens and is ever popular with visitors.

While the House and grounds have hosted major events such as Greenbelt Festival and been used as a film location (most notably for the Hollywood adaptation of Les Misérables), the wider estate supports Buccleuch’s diverse enterprises including agriculture, forestry and renewable energy.

Boughton Estate forestry

In line with Buccleuch’s commitment to the environment, every woodland and forestry plantation across Buccleuch’s estates is carefully managed to ensure their biodiversity and that their positive environmental impact is maximised. Those on Boughton Estate are largely made up of native species and include areas of semi-natural ancient woodlands. A significant amount of the timber harvested on Boughton Estate is used for wood fuels and also supplies the Estate’s Combined Heat and Power plant (CHP), which provides heat to dry the woodchip sold as fuel. All of the timber on Buccleuch’s estates are important for carbon sequestration and contribute to the wider carbon commitment.

Boughton Estate agriculture

Boughton Estate’s in-hand farms are a mix of livestock and arable operations, each managed to the highest standards. From 2022, the team will introduce an eight-year arable cycle. This is much less intensive than traditional three-year continual cropping cycles and both helps ensure soil fertility is enhanced and carbon emissions are reduced. The three-year clover ley within the cycle will allow livestock grazing and naturally reduce the need for fertilisers and pesticides.

Boughton Estate renewable energy

Boughton Estate is well-suited for solar initiatives and Buccleuch are progressing various large-scale solar and renewable energy projects on the estate.

Boughton Estate hospitality and tourism

Visitors to Boughton Estate are invited to enjoy a tour of Boughton House and take in the surrounding gardens. The estate also hosts private events, the popular Greenbelt Festival and has been used as a film location.


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